Why You Should Forfeit Buying a Smart TV

Smart TVs are essentially regular TVs that have built-in capabilities for connecting to the Internet, which is why they’re also known as Internet-ready TVs. While this feature can be useful, the real question is whether or not these TVs are worth the price for what they bring. If we are being honest, the answer is a clear No. below are reasons why you should not buy a smart TV and instead opt for other types of TV.

The Security Risks Are Real

Whenever you consider buying a “smart” product, security should always be a top concern. Every single Internet-ready device contributes to the Internet of Things, which is arguably one of the worst security nightmares of our time.

Smart TVs including the world’ renewed brands like Xiaomi, Sony, Samsung and LG brands have been one of the worst offenders over the past few years. In short, smart TVs can put your privacy and security at risk in a handful of ways, but the most damning example is that smart TV cameras could be used to spy on innocent people.

Great Idea, Terrible Execution

If there’s one reason that should dissuade you from buying a smart TV today, let it be this one: the ideas behind the smart TV are great, but smart TVs themselves are not the right way to implement those ideas. Given a few more years, smart TV technology will be completely obsolete.

Perhaps the greatest idea driving smart TV technology is the idea that Smart TVs Lack Smart Interfaces. Smart functionality requires a smart interface. Smartphones and computers are great because they both support two important input methods: typing and pointing. Smart TVs are terrible at both, and this leads to a lot of frustration for users. In other words, if you want to sit down and watch something on a smart TV, it’s actually a lot more work than you’d expect it to be. Not an impossible amount, but inconvenient at best.

TV Apps Are Crude & Unreliable

When smart TVs first debuted, one of their biggest selling points was the ability to download and install all kinds of apps right on the TV itself. Right now, my smart TV is equipped with apps for Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube. Sounds useful, right? Unfortunately, not only do all of these apps suffer the same issues that are inherent to TVs in general namely poor interface design. However, they also suffer from poor performance and neglect from app creators.

The Extra Features Aren’t Worth It

So what do you get when you shell out cash for a smart TV instead of a dumb TV? Well, if you exclude the Internet-capable apps that we discussed above, it turns out you don’t actually get that much. Most of the TV sets, even those on Lloyd, have extra features that are not spending money for.


Not to say that smart TVs are absolutely horrible, because they certainly have a number of benefits that can make life easier for the average user. However, it’s undeniable that smart TVs are now obsolete, and at this time, the choice to buy a smart TV would not be a smart thing to do.

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