Why Are Video Surveillance Systems Crucial at Airports

Security concerns are rising in every sector, but more so in the aviation industry. In this industry, the security issues are both specific and demanding. Here are a few reasons why video surveillance systems are crucial at airports.

  • The airports witness the movement of a large number of passengers and it also handles large volumes of cargo and baggage. In such a scenario, it becomes a focal point of many critical threats, thus requiring a high level of security surveillance.
  • Airports are the key targets for terrorist activities because if they succeed in hijacking a plane or detonating a bomb there, it can result in huge losses of life and property. The advanced video surveillance systems play a crucial role in combatting such acts of terrorism.
  • Security breach is very much a possibility at airports if security is only maintained physically, but it is difficult to breach the advanced video analytics. These systems provide effective solutions either by autonomously detecting and containing threats or they assist the security personnel present at airports by providing higher and better situational awareness.
  • For all the carriers operating from a particular airport, passenger safety is of paramount importance as it is directly linked to their reputation. At times, there is a potential threat to their staff too from the aggressive passengers, which need to be managed very intelligently. Video cameras placed in right positions help in capturing the incidents and in taking action against the culprits in time.
  • The airports have huge open public areas that need to be monitored continuously. Doing it manually is not possible as one needs to be cautious of the unattended luggage or bags, some miscreants in the area etc. Having cameras installed at strategic points covering the entire area helps in scrutinizing the entire area easily and effectively.
  • CCTV systems not only helps in addressing the normal security requirements of the airports like monitoring of public areas, baggage movement, keeping an eye on car parking but also helps in meeting the operational requirements. These systems help in monitoring the maintenance crews when they perform the aircraft maintenance and repairs.

Video surveillance systems are very crucial in airports. They provide the authorities with invaluable insights and tools to help them in their efforts to attain and maintain the highest possible levels of the security.

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