What is the difference between web hosting and website builder

It is observed that people tend to be confused between the concept web hosting and website builder. A very first question I usually asked all “Do you know what is web hosting and website builder?”  Actually, I will suggest to everyone that if you are planning to design a website and looking to host your website then you should ask this question to yourself.  To overcome such questions here you will get the right answer an in-depth explanation of web hosting and website builder.

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Web hosting means where you can occupy the space on the server to store your website files and host the site globally. Files may consist of blogs, website, online stores, images, etc must be stored within a large computer known as a server. For e.g., if you buy a shop in the complex it means that you have purchased the domain and hosting.

It is an online folder which consists of all information of your website along with administrative data for which you only have the access and there are superior platforms available online that you can use to design your website. For e.g., cPanel such as WordPress which is used worldwide to create a blog and websites and for eCommerce Magento is specialized.

In case you don’t have an experience in developing a website’s then it’s become tough being a fresher. For that, you can consider the below-mentioned option.

Website Builder:-

It’s an ideal solution for those who require designing a website in the short period of time and do not possess the technical knowledge. It is an automatic method that is utilized to design the website and require web hosting to host the website. Some of website building platforms and applications offer domain, hosting and templates.  As I said before, if you buy a shop in a complex it means that you have got a domain and hosting. Building a server and all other stuff is a website and name of the complex is a domain name and that is developed with the help of the site builder. It can not run without hosting service.

We at MilesWeb offers  SitePRO website builder with most of the hosting plans. SitePRO is user-friendly and simple to access. It allows you to design a professional website without using coding or programming skills.

Some of the amazing features that you get with SitePro are listed below:-

  • Allow you to develop n numbers of attributes and sell different types of goods and services in place.
  • Consist of customizing website style, currency, columns, size and shape of images, thumbnails etc.
  • Allow you to select the type of view for every website category
  • Design your own custom filters for a better ‘search’ function
  • Legalize 1-click buying: Sell your goods and services anywhere
  • Allow you to add multiple ranges of online payment gateways
  • Get access to more than 190 templates for setting up the website of your dreams
  • Additionally, you get a wide range of functions and plugins such as the standard and advanced plugins.
  • Allow you to develop a website in 45 languages

There are multiple ways to design a website. Some of the very famous and most used techniques are HTML, CSS and other coding languages.  But now with the growing technology, it has become very easy for anyone to design a website within a short period of time. There are n numbers of free ready to use platforms available online and most widely used is a website builder that is suitable for all with a basic understanding of technology.  You can opt for any platform and design your website and get hosting for the same.

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