What are the Different Types of Open Source Technology

What we all have come to know as open source technology has actually been around almost as long as computers.

  • Such technology is known as “open source” after the software code that has been utilised to make it operate has been granted for easy access.

Such planned transparency, then allows for whole communities of computer programmers to inspect the source code, and then go on to make positive alterations or enhancements to improve the technology.

Going Mainstream

It wasn’t up until the time of the 1990s, when the Internet was finally beginning to be a place to do business, that open source technology went mainstream.

This technology was even more moved into the light of day as online Internet access became much more affordable and available for homes and increasingly available for free at a large number of schools and libraries.

  • And as consumer tech know how develops, open source code is even more likely to be a favoured option for many programmers out there.

Making it Easy for Everyone

Open source technology, in its purest form, is any type of code which is made available to the general public with little or no copyright restrictions on what people can do with it.

  • With the rise in social networking, however, open source technology has now transformed into a number of subsets.

Things such as blogs, message boards, and journalistic subdivisions of open source technology have now made it possible for even newcomers to a computer to make use of and become a face in the constantly changing arena of the Internet community.

The Rise of WordPress

Blog communities are maybe nowadays the most significant type of open source adaptation.

  • WordPress has become one of the most outstanding and widely utilised open source blogging platforms ever.

And the question must be asked as why is WordPress so good? Well, acting as an open source platform, WordPress and its rivals, provided users with the ability to freely alter the available code to go on to develop aesthetically one of a kind blog template.

  • And, even users who don’t have the ability to read the source code are still able to profit from the technology due to the open source setting allowing for heightened user synergy.

Opening an Abundance of New Possibilities

Along the same lines as the emergence of blog culture and community message boards, not that long ago, grassroots journalism is also commonly making good use of open source technology.

This sort of open source application helps to make journalistic websites easily available to any internet users to upload text, images, and video.

Interesting Future

Over the past few years, what is known as “alternative journalism” has become extremely popular, and even a money maker.

  • A number of major news outlets actually paying active Internet users for blog commentary and advice columns.

As the social networking sites get even more popular, you will see open source enjoying an increase in its use and reputation.

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