Tips for maintaining 3D printers

As we all know the 3D printers are one of the costliest investments. Hence one must make sure to maintain them at its best. Maintaining them in the proper way will also help in retaining their performance for more number of years. It is also to be noted that the maintenance factors may get varied from one type of 3D printers to another. However, the basic maintenances are almost same for all the models. The people who are using 3D printers for the first time may not be aware of its maintenance. They can make use of the following discussion in order to concentrate on 3D printer maintenance.

Dispose unused material

One of the most common mistake done by many people is they will never remove the unused material which is left behind. The users must remember that the support filament is capable of accumulating more moisture and finally leads to LOE. Hence as soon as the work is done, one must remove all the unused material without any constraint. Even though it is work of fraction of seconds, it can help in maintaining the efficiency of the machine to a greater extent.


While considering 3D printers lubrication is more important. Like that of lubricating the cars, one must also show concern in lubricating the printer. There are different kinds of lubricants in the market. The best among them can be used for better result. There are some lubricants which are not safe enough to use one plastic. Such lubricants should be strictly avoided. The process of lubrication can be done by the users without seeking the help of experts.

Cleaning the filament nozzle

The entire printer should be kept dust free. The dust particles in the atmosphere may get accumulated on the printers. Hence the printer should be cleaned more often in order to keep them dust free. Along with this process, the filament nozzle should also be cleaned regularly. People who need better output in their design must make sure to clean the filament nozzle. Even a small clog in the nozzle is capable of spoiling the design to a greater extent. Hence this must always be the important part of maintenance.

Update firmware

The users must remember that the 3D printers are also similar to that of the desktops. They need proper updates. Keeping the firmware up to date is one of the best option to retain the efficiency of the machine and to concentrate on their maintenance.

Read the user manual

The users who want to stay out of various hassles must make sure to refer the user manual without any constraint. The details about maintenance and the strategies which are to be followed will be clearly mentioned in the manual. Hence without wasting time over unworthy attempts, the users can read the manual and can implement the right maintenance strategies. The other important thing which is to be noted is the users must buy the best printer. The Best Diy 3D Printer Kit on Amazon [2018] can be referred to get directed to the best.

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