Sims 4’s some of the very interesting newly added gameplay features to enjoy

This is the fourth installment of the single player real-world simulation game of the famous Sims. It was originally launched in 2014 by Electronic Arts and since then many extensions has released to keep it exciting. One can play this game on different platforms like macOS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. sims is a game that keeps their players hooked for a longer period of time as one can enjoy several types of game packs and stories and setups which is not only entertaining but also equally challenging. One can learn more about the game from various additional resources.

The general rule of this game is that the player will have to create a character and then will have to control that characters life as new situations roll out. One will have to define their character’s personality in every happening and in every stage of life. the will also have to perform tasks and regulate their emotions accordingly. Sims 4’s build mode and various worlds will turn a player into a builder and a social bee. one can now enjoy several new features as sims 4 download kostenlos option is easily available.

Some of the major inclusions in the sims 4 gameplay are:

CAS (create a sim)

in the sims 4, one can not only control the fitness of the sim but can also regulate every part of the body, add new hairstyles, hair colors, can choose ethnicity, etc. one can also have almost 5 clothes in their wardrobe category also one can easily sort out the clothes according to their features. In Sims 4 the player will not have the slide bars any more instead they have to click and drag to add details.

Build and buy mode

 now in Sims 4, the build mode and buy mode are combined in a single mode only. one can use the mode to build neighborhoods, relocate buildings, wall heights of a property can be adjusted also one will have to spend accordingly to style the space. One can also change the dimensions of their existing house and rooms easily.


Unlike before when one had to go the official website to find creations, one can now use the built-in gallery to download other players sims, rooms, buildings, lots, etc. which are uploaded on the gallery. Also one can upload their creations into the gallery for others to download. One can use this feature to download and customize their game using other creations easily.


there are several worlds to play in; as the original worlds of oasis springs and willow creek, selvadorada and granite fall for outdoor vacations, magnolia promenade, etc. in sims 4 one can take their sim to vacations and also can visit new places and neighborhoods to enhance their personality.

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