Popular Free Wallpaper Apps for Android

Every time you open your phone a strong visual connection is recommended. This could be an apt opportunity in scrolling through your phone camera of the images taken long time back. In fact there is hundreds of wallpaper on Google play store and the choice of one seems to be a difficult task. So a list of the popular wallpaper apps is compiled below


The option of signing into the app exists, but this is not necessary to be using the app. Unique wallpaper providing you with an opportunity of filtering through various options. This app splits the images into various categories and a tap on the information button would spring up a colour palette from the shot.

On the top hand side corner of the app tap the palette icon. If one chooses to create an account, they can store their favourite and even rate the images. Within this app it is show to rate the popularity of each image. As a registered user you can even submit images.


A different approach to wall papers is advocated; you can opt for navigation to various apps in this list and customize images as per your priority. If there are no shots on your phone, opt for the featured piece each day section.

If the images are gone to select in the My pictures folder, a sneak peek on to the settings on how often you need to change the images can be figured out. This app is not going to leave any image unaltered that is another feature of this app. A major loophole of this app is that it makes the text very hard to read and even the icons are difficult to figure out.

To counter this Muzei to every image applies a blur. Just you need to double tap on the screen would switch on the blurred and real image in just a matter of a few seconds.


This is one of the newer downloading apps and a vital source of photography wallpaper apps. There are around 10,000 wallpaper apps and new ones are added to the collection every day. The UI is simple and easy to use and the photos that are part of the app are more than the normal high resolution ones. Some areas to work upon are there, but the app provides a positive experience. For photography buffs it is a great app.


It falls into the category of a unique wall paper app. There is no selection in this app and you can go on to choose the designs and colours at your own end. This presents a great way to opt for some great wallpaper in the colour you want. A really good app taking the guess work out of the question!

This pretty much concludes our discussion about the various wallpaper downloading apps.  In order to download them, there are various options and 9apps Apk is a one stop solution for your needs. The downloading is done in a hassle free manner. It is a third-party app store which is rising in popularity due its impeccable features.

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