G7 Screen Technology is really incredible

LG has taken care a lot about the phone protection and security in LG G6. The apparatus was protected against moisture and dust on standard IP68 and confirmed by 14 parameters more rigorous MIL-STD 810G (including the resistance drops, temperature changes, and solar radiation. LG manufacturers will do the same for the upcoming beast LG G7, implanting Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on both sides on the metal glass phone body display.


Screen technology – IPS, users get accurate color reproduction with a reservation at a slightly inflated saturation (common practice increase the attractiveness of the image). It’s nice that the original calibration does not cause the desire to configure anything, although some users may not like the cold tone. The latter can be corrected by activating the mode of reduced eye strain. Other G6 parameters, whether viewing angles, contrast or brightness, also did not disappoint – any content looks great. In addition, the minimum brightness is very low, which is convenient to use the device in bed at night. Hope, upcoming LG G7 will follow the same path and provide us the best experience of UHD picture quality and Dolby Vision.

No flexible image settings are not as preset modes, only the original configuration, which is unusual in G6, but appropriate to the originally good image. The only deviation from the basic mode performs Dolby Vision and HDR10, which is available in some videos, for example, Netflix catalog. However, now it is almost the only place with HDR enabled on your smartphone. Wish, LG G7 would also give us this sort of technology experience.

G6 quality images at a height under favorable conditions on the picture screen smartphone seem overly harsh and slightly overexposed, but in social networks and on the PC monitor or in a photo frame look much better. HDR mode, too, proved to be effective; it can be used on a permanent basis. With the more enhanced features of LG G7, it can be thought that LG will improve these features as well and bring us a perfect worry-free Android smartphone.

However, a great chamber not called due to the fact that when a large amount of light is available in the frame and bright objects. Automatic sometimes inflates exposure frames on this leads not only to a pale shroud but also lit up at the brightest areas. Other leaders of similar scenes cope better due to more accurate metering. This feature may improve with firmware because it is caused exclusively automatic operation. In the upcoming modern beast LG G7, the new Android 8.0 Version will resolve and upgrade all these features plus run the smartphone G7 with great rapid speed, smoothly and with lovable colors and sharpness.

Picture in original resolution

The result is a good camera with two lenses useful functionality (probably the most useful implementation available on the market). LG G6 operates in some scenarios, a little less reliably the best representatives of the class, but to talk about the substantial backlog of competitors do not have. Expectations for LG G7 beast are very high. It is expected that LG will implement 12MP front camera and 22MP Dual lens primary camera in G7.

Source: LGG7D.com

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