Five most popular benefits of using cloud-hosting services

Cloud hosting is very popular nowadays for many good reasons considering its recent popularity, you may have thought of questions that you want to ask about its benefits.

The first question that you would ask is how flexible it is? Is it scalable? Can this meet my standards? Does it have features that I can pull up for different purposes?

Cloud hosting is mainly designed to meet the needs of today’s generation where flexibility and scalability and reliability are the three main concerns. Its good performance that exceeds most of its users’ expectations when it comes to hosting solution makes it very beneficial to those seeking good-quality cloud hosting capability in their system.

To help you understand more about the benefits of using cloud-hosting, explore some of its noteworthy benefits below.

  1. Cost-effective pricing– Compared to other styles of hosting, you have to pay a monthly rate regardless of using all the resources of the server or not, however, cloud hosting will only require you to pay for what you utilize. If you are planning to post a blog, for example, your cloud host server will allocate you with an ample amount of traffic to your current service without the necessity to upgrade your current package. All you need to do is to scale your resources up while you are on the traffic surge.
  2. Scalability– Cloud hosting is very scalable to its server resources because the majority of cloud servers that you can access have an intuitive site management dashboard which enables you to get a good view at your site’s performance anytime you want, and you can scale the server’s resources depending on how much traffic you want to utilize and bandwidth you want to use without having to wait for an approval with the cloud hosting provider.
  3. Redundant server environment– As the majority of hosting sites only works with a single server, cloud-hosting services meanwhile uses multiple servers to ensure that if anything will happen to the current server there will always be a backup especially if your hosting is redundant where a site backup will be taking over to your existing site within a few moments after you requested. However, not everything on redundancy is made equal, and with cloud hosting, you have to concurrent its live version to your website so that it can load your host right away.
  4. Always available– Cloud hosting is known for its high uptime and its availability, so if you are using any kind of traditional hosting to your site for uptime, it depends on the physical server environment from your host server that is why if something goes or it shuts down, so is your site, however, cloud hosting will not compromise anything knowing that it has a high uptime and always available anytime just like the iSeries hosting.
  5. Fast server setup– You can easily deploy and set up a cloud hosting server in the shortest time possible unless you are purchasing or subscribing a beginner package which takes quite a time to deploy to your web server. This can be a lot of hassle if you require your site to go online right away.

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