5 Tips To Keep Your Business’ Computers From Getting Viruses

Viruses will slow down computers, corrupt drives and cause crashes, particularly leaving smaller and less IT-protected businesses vulnerable. However, with a few select actions and taking a preventative stance rather than a corrective one, businesses of any size can protect themselves from harm.

Maintain Proper Settings and Perform Regular Updates

This includes keeping all firewalls on, keeping computer’s operating systems up-to-date and ensuring that anti-viruses are the latest version. For anti-viruses in particular, once-a-day updates are recommended. Be sure that every employee is updating the computers as needed for the best security.

Protect Your Website

This can mean things such as adding 2-step login verifications if a business’s website is managed through sites like WordPress. Other examples include avoiding simple passwords and changing them if a computer is suspected of infection.

Backup Regularly

Backing up everything is also recommended for the potential event of a virus infection. The last thing any business wants is to have all its data compromised by an infection. Consider cloud storage that automatically runs a backup so you don’t get caught without your most important information.

Practice Safe Online Behavior

Utilizing adequate spam filters is also a good idea, although the majority of email providers already have that covered. Update and use the latest browsers, which have less vulnerability to viruses. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are recommended, as more viruses are written to expose flaws of Internet Explorer. Additionally, avoid suspicious websites. Fortunately, a majority of anti-virus programs have online protections which will alert users to any suspected malicious websites before connecting with them.

Utilize Managed IT Services

On top of the aforementioned steps, a good managed IT company will work in real time to manage anti-spam and anti-malware services, manage firewall protection services, desktop support services, system administration and server support services. Managed services in Ottawa can help protect your business and provide the IT support that it needs.

Staying on top of updates, using the latest anti-virus software and being aware of the web behavior of staff can help keep a business safe. Those steps, plus the additional aid of a managed IT team, will keep the bad out so that a business can run without interruption. If a business can adhere to those simple behaviors, there will be little room or opportunity for a virus to affect any of a business’s systems.

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